19 de março de 2012

writings from our amazing armenian guests

Casa das Virtudes, or one of the loveliest weekends of my lives. Dear readers, let me share with you a recipe for perfect happiness: get together 6 friends and rent out the Casa for 4 or 5 nights. Enjoy the clean and crisp look and all its amenities. And by that I mean: enjoy the beautiful view from the ROOF! Please don't fall off, though, because then you would miss meeting Ana. She will be your neighbor, the best neighbor you could possibly have. Sing in the cobbled streets of Porto, enjoy the purity of your exchanges with the locals and have a good night's sleep in this inspiring, simple space.

good friends
cheap flight
short stay
pack light
no plan
four nights
have fun
see sights

get there
looks nice
pretty view
no mice
sit on roof
once or twice
has no price

bowl of soup
ocean breeze
orange trees
in the bar
who are these
all become
new buddies

good surprise
really cool
girls and guys
sing a song
voices rise
too much fun
time flies

super bock
drink a toast
to new friends
to our host
feel at home
or almost
better than
we'd supposed

ana's place
good choice
dance around
free your voice
going out
making noise
with tripeiro
girls and boys

arants kez
singing in
we'll come again
be your guests
in casa das

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